CS Lectures

Prof. Zhendong Su

Prof. Zhendong Su / Solidifying the Software Foundations

Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich


Software applications and technologies are built on top of foundational systems such as compilers, databases, and theorem provers. Such foundations form the trusted computing base, and fundamentally impact software quality and security. Thus, solidifying them is a critical challenge. This talk highlights general, effective techniques, and extensive, impactful efforts on finding hundreds of critical issues in widely-used compilers, database management systems, and SMT solvers. It focuses on the high-level principles and core techniques, their significant practical successes, and future opportunities and challenges.

About the Speaker

Zhendong Su is a Professor in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. Previously, he was a Professor and Chancellor's Fellow at UC Davis. He received his PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. His research spans programming languages and compilers, software engineering, computer security, deep learning and education technologies. His work was recognized by an ACM SIGSOFT Impact Paper Award, a Google Scholar Classic Paper Award, multiple best/distinguished paper/artifact awards at top venues (e.g., PLDI, OSDI, OOPSLA, and ICSE), an ACM CACM Research Highlight, an NSF CAREER Award, a UC Davis Outstanding Faculty Award, and multiple industrial faculty awards (e.g., Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Mozilla). He served on the steering committees of ISSTA and ESEC/FSE, served as an Associate Editor for ACM TOSEM, co-chaired SAS 2009, program chaired ISSTA 2012, and program co-chaired SIGSOFT FSE 2016.

ITU Host

Zhoulai Fu