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Anders Hejlsberg

Anders Hejlsberg / TypeScript: Static types for JavaScript



How do you define and implement a static type system for a dynamic language like JavaScript, and why would you even care to? In this talk Anders explores how TypeScript came to be, how it differs from classic type systems, and how it can be beneficial even if you don't like types.

About the Speaker

Anders Hejlsberg is a Technical Fellow in the Developer Division at Microsoft and has been designing and implementing programming languages and development tools for over 40 years. Anders is the lead architect of the TypeScript open-source project and the original designer of the C# programming language. Before joining Microsoft in 1996, Anders was a Principal Engineer at Borland International. As one of the first employees of Borland, he was the original author of Turbo Pascal and later worked as the Chief Architect of the Delphi product line. Anders studied Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

ITU Host

Peter Sestoft